Publication: Cool: Applied Visual Arts in the North

Insights into applied visual arts in community-based and socially engaged art, including in education.

Publication of the Faculty of Art and Design of the University of Lapland, Finland. Edited by Timo Jokela, Glen Coutts, Maria Huhmarniemi & Elina Härkönen.

The publication is available here.

Publisher's summary:

This book presents a series of essays and reports on the topic of Applied Visual Arts. Broadly
speaking, this territory of contemporary arts focuses on community-based and socially
engaged art. Authors include academics, artists, curators and postgraduate students who
share a commitment to advancing the cause of context sensitive art, research and education.
The anthology will be of interest to a wide audience including, for example, artists,
social scientists, community activists and educators. Organised in five sections (see below)
the book offers readers a wide range of perspectives into Applied Visual Arts, cool indeed.

Tradition To Contemporary
Applied Visual Arts In Public Places
Community Engagement
Applied Visual Arts In Education (Jokela et al. (Eds.), 2013, p. 174)

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