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Greg Klerkx about benefits of working in education

Creative practitioner Greg Klerkx: "As an artist I benefit a lot from my work in creative learning." View »

Milda Lauzikaite about Creative Partnerships in Lithuania

A head of Creative Partnerships in Lithuania Milda Lauzikaite tells the Lithuanian success story. View »

ICEnet interview with Greg Klerkx

Creative practitioner Greg Klerkx explains why he is a part of ICEnet. View »

Education through drama in Hungary

Meet Adam Bethlenfalvy & Adam Cziboly - drama educators from Hungary. Adam Cziboly talks about their work in Hungary. For Adam Bethlenfalvy's reflection on the importance of networking… View »

Sharing experience in ICEnet

Kristyna Kratochvilova talks about ICEnet and possibilities of sharing the experience between different countries. To hear her talk about the potential of art to integrate minorities into society, c… View »

Discovering problems & finding the solutions through art

Olga Skochova Blahova is a stage designer and creative communication expert from Prague. She is certain that a lot of problems in our society can be solved through art. To hear more about the v… View »

Creative Practitioners creating links and exchanging experiences@Vilnius

Adam Bethlenfalvy & Adam Cziboly Adam Bethlenfalvy talks about the need for creative practitioners to collaborate and exchange experiences. For Adam Cziboly's talk about their work, pl… View »

Paul Collard: Future education needs artists@ICEnet Forum in Vilnius

Chief Executive of international NGO Creativity, Culture & Education Paul Collard explains the idea behind ICEnet and the need to involve artists in future education. View »

Kristyna Kratochvilova: Art can help to integrate minorities into society

"Art can help to integrate minorities into society," says social education expert Kristyna Kratochvilova from Czech Republic. To hear her talk about the importance of sharing experience, click here… View »

Olga Skochova Blahova: Kids can explore and express themselves through art

"Kids can explore and express themselves through art," says Olga Skochova Blahova. She is a stage designer and a creative communication expert from Prague. To hear her reflection on discovering pro… View »


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