The International Creative Education Network (ICEnet) is a worldwide network that aims to connect artists and creative professionals to improve the quality of practice and to provide opportunities for cooperation. It focuses on the unique role that creative professionals play in the development of creative skills in children and young people. Our overall concept for ICEnet can be summarised as Unlocking children's creativity, making artists the key.

Welcome to our online platform. Here we encourage you to share your personal experiences, opinions, good practices, photographs, videos and other useful information you come across. You can also ask questions and get advice and support from this growing international network of creative practitioners. Hello and welcome!

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Ideas for reflection exercises

Posted by Radka Jágriková on May 13, 2015 at 10:56 0 Comments

Whether you work with children or adults, community or a group of peers, reflection is always an important part of the success of the whole experience. There are many ways to reflect in the moment, depending on the group, the space and resources,…


Geology as a source for colorful inspiration

Posted by Simonas Saarmann on April 26, 2015 at 1:04 0 Comments

I wanted to share something I do from time to time when asked to tell kids something interesting about geology or scientific stuff that I do.

I have made a short video how I try to explain for children that there is no stone that would be…


Publication: Policy Handbook on Promotion of Creative Partnerships

Posted by Radka Jágriková on September 24, 2014 at 12:18 0 Comments

The publication, produced earlier in 2014 by the Open Method of Coordination expert working group of the European Council, looks at the types of successful practices and partnerships between cultural institutions/artists and other sectors,…


Publication: Enabling Crossovers: Good Practices in the Creative Industries in Asia and Europe

Posted by Radka Jágriková on July 21, 2014 at 16:13 0 Comments

Enabling Crossovers: Good Practices in the Creative Industries in Asia and Europe is a new publication by the Asia-Europe Foundation. It presents 36 good practices within four areas: creative skills, creative…



Call for Workshop Proposals Creative Writing UK 4 July

Started by Radka Jágriková in Grants and competitions Apr 10. 0 Replies

Workshop proposals are sought for a Skills Sharing Day aimed at writers who work in schools and teachers with an interest in creative writing. Proposals need to be for a practical, hands-on workshop…Continue

Tags: workshop, UK, creative writing

Training Workshop Combating Antigypsyism Through Education France 20–24 April

Started by Radka Jágriková in Grants and competitions Mar 10. 0 Replies

The training workshop will explore the concept of antigypsyism, its manifestations and possible educational responses, while developing the competences of participants to run initiatives and…Continue

Tags: human rights, discrimination, April 2015, France, antigypsyism

Training course Empowerment through Nature, Authentic Communication and Theatre UK 30 May–6 Jun

Started by Radka Jágriková in Grants and competitions Mar 6. 0 Replies

The training course aims at developing the competences of practitioners 'to engage and empower young people in their lives, work and communities by using the tools of Nature, Authentic Communication…Continue

Tags: theatre, training, nature, conflict resolution, May 2015

Training Course on Working with Nature Portugal 15–23 May 2015

Started by Radka Jágriková in Grants and competitions Mar 4. 0 Replies

Special Effects is an 8-day training course for practitioners 'who like to work in connection with nature, who want to develop their facilitation competences and add some special effects to their…Continue

Tags: May 2015, nature, Portugal, training


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