Dear ICEnet friends,

Do you know a school that can be a partner in this project (see information below)? Or do you know a person that can help us on our search for these schools? Let us know!

The New School Collective On Tour is a collective mobile school that questions the presuppositions of the school system while traveling. Between 16 and 22 october we go on tour through Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Switzerland, Italy and Germany. We are searching for schools that have a unique perspective on the phenomenon ‘school’. Schools that are pushing the boundaries of time and space. Schools with a unique perspective on the relation between child, parent, teacher, neighborhood and schoolmanagement. Schools that are more interested in the hidden curriculum than the measurable curriculum. Schools that enter into dialogue with the arts. Who believe imagination and fiction are not mirroring reality, but weapons to shape the world. Schools that play with the function of schools in todays's society. We focus on schools with children in the age of 4 till 16 years (mandatory age in the Netherlands) on the route in appendix.

Thank you!

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