About ICEnet

International Creative Education Network (ICEnet)

Unlocking children and young people's creativity around the world – making artists the key


ICEnet is a worldwide network and platform for all those who are committed to unlocking creativity in children and young people:

  • in school and out of school – formal, informal and non-formal learning
  • as individuals or in groups
  • when they are alone or with family or friends
  • through artists and creative professionals working as artists and creative professionals
  • in long term partnerships with children and young people, their carers and their teachers
  • to co-create work.


ICEnet defines ‘children and young people’ as those between ages 0-25.


Unlocking the creativity of children and young people in this way:


  • brings intrinsic pleasure and benefits
  • raises their aspirations
  • improves their achievements and skills
  • unlocks their imaginations
  • brings about lasting improvements in the quality of their lives.



ICEnet Aims


  • improve and deepen the quality of children and young people’s learning, development and education
  • contribute towards the reduction of social exclusion
  • improve and develop the practice of those working with children and young people in this way
  • broaden the understanding of the value of artists and the arts in society
  • influence national and international policy.



ICEnet Membership


ICEnet is open to individuals and organisations:

  • from any country in the world
  • whether they are beginners or experts
  • whatever the sector, discipline or field he/she is working in: cultural centres, art centres, theatre and dance companies, museums, libraries, amateur arts, media, schools, youth centres, artists and creative professionals working directly with young people
  • whatever the size and kind of organisation he/she is working for, if any: governmental, public sector, private sector, third/charity sector, amateur or professional; or working freelance



ICEnet Members


Steering Group/Experts - the Founding Partners that took the initiative to create the network, plus an invited cohort of people/organisations who have a specific expertise, but, just as importantly, a passion and a constructive and open way or working


Individual Members – whether individual or organisations – encouraged to engage via the online platform forum, newsletters, etc. They will form the worldwide ‘movement’ to take forward the cause of creativity.



ICEnet Activities


  • the transfer of knowledge and best practice between practitioners
  • creating and managing programmes of work
  • commissioning and publishing research
  • professional development.

The ICEnet Steering Group is constantly identifying possible projects for the partners to undertake. One such project running at present is “Training Requirements and Key Skills for Artists and other creative practitioners to work in participatory settings“ (TRaKSforA).

Please follow the links to learn more about the founding partners or useful contacts.

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