Artists and creative practitioners – workshop leaders:

Adam Bethlenfalvy


I have worked in the field of theatre and drama education in Hungary and the UK for the past 15 years in different settings, in schools, in teacher training and also in theatre in education companies. Besides working as a practitioner I am interested in practice-based research and policy as well. Along my work in InSite, an international projects non-profit limited (, I am working on my PhD research at the Birmingham City University and chairing the Brussels OMC expert group on creative partnerships.

Ádám Cziboly


I’m a psychologist, a cultural manager and a drama educator, co-CEO of InSite Drama. I led the project “DICE” (Drama Improves Lisbon Key Competences in Education – with the participation of 12 countries, the first in-depth research measuring the impact of educational theatre and drama on Lisbon key competencies. The book “The DICE has been cast” has been translated to 15 languages so far. I have worked in the field of advocacy for drama education both in Hungary and at EU level, facilitated national and international drama projects and trainings for organizations as well.

Tomas Smulkis


I was born in 1986 in Lithuania. In 2011 I graduated from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre with a Masters in film and TV directing. I also studied in Finland and in 2010 was on an internship in Sweden. I am now working on several projects: developing a script for a feature film and participating in a national educational project, Learn from Cinema, Creative Partnerships.

Adomas Danusevičius


I am a 28-year-old artist. At the moment I am studying for PhD in Arts. Moreover, I am qualified as an art educator. In the Creative Partnerships program I was working as a creativity expert in art lessons. In addition to being an artist, I am also interested in sciences: psychology, sociology and philosophy. I believe that everyone could become a creative person, it just depends on adequate circumstances, determination and a wish to become creative. While teaching children, I have understood that childhood is the most important period of an educational process.

Paulius Tamolė


The first time I stood onto the theatre scene was ten years ago. During those years I worked with Lithuanian and foreign theatre directors and choreographers. From them I got a lot of ideas, creativity and ability to improvise.

I always felt the need to share what I have. For this reason I have been working in schools for many years. Using theatre, contemporary dance, plastic methods I have been working with students to prepare new performances.

And today I am together with you at the Forum because I would like to share ideas and experiences.

Olga Škochová Bláhová

Czech Republic

I studied Stage design and Authorship theatre and creative communication at Academy of performing arts, Prague. Besides my authorship practise, last years I am dedicated to culture policy and am active at public discussion about this topic. I cooperate on several projects with Pilsen European culture capital 2015, for ex. designs platform and Culture friendly city. With my colleagues I am running small civil association

Kristýna Kratochvílová

Czech Republic

I study social education at Charles University, Prague. Since spending semester at McGill University in Montreal my focus is mainly on multiculturalism and anti-oppressive education of children from ethnic minority background. Currently, I am working as an educational worker in Counselling Centre for Integration which is an NGO supporting integration of foreigners into Czech society. Also, I participate as an educational expert in an art project “We Create Together” of Association for Creativity in Education that aims to facilitate integration of children-foreigners with different proficiency in Czech language.

Greg Klerkx


I am a producer, facilitator and published author and journalist. Writing, in all its forms, is at the heart of my work and how I make sense of the world. In this era of global interconnectedness, the power of the word has never been greater. It can start revolutions or shut them down; it can lead nations into light or shroud them in darkness. Helping children find their way towards literacy is the most powerful contribution I can make towards a more just and tolerant world.

This Forum is a unique opportunity for me to learn, to laugh, to give and to enhance my practice. I’m hoping it’ll be the start of some beautiful friendships.

Hans van Regenmortel


Since musicality has gained important interest of scientific study during the last two decades, I developed a special focus on what music reveals about human nature in general and the learning process more particularly. I’ve been translating these findings into educational practice in diverse formal and informal settings. At Musica, Impulse Centre for Music, I’m responsible for the design of formats where children, young people and teachers focus on sound and music with excursions to other artistic domains.

Kornelija Česonytė


Sensory experiences are rarely used in educational processes and thus very important educational experiential dimensions are hidden from us. My experience in working with children, youth and adults shows that invoking senses in educational processes may not only help to understand and memorise information but also reveal completely different paradigms of learning. I notice during practical sessions on senses when I combine them with syllabus content that it brings different untouched experiences, creates a possibility to perceive the world, oneself, others and the subject in a more diverse way, to communicate and cooperate in a more effective way, it stimulates imagination...

Jonas Liugaila


Usually I'm looking for easy and clear way to show complicated information, looking what is written between the lines and trying to interpret it in visual way, looking for criteria of doing this on purpose to convey this to others. I'm doing this as freelance graphic designer, illustrator and lecturer at Vilnius University of Applied Engineering Sciences.

Vakarė Smaleckaitė


Literary, cinema theorist – that’s who I am in my “real” life. I work with books, movies, usually filling white Word pages. I’m also a creative agent – the one who tries to improve learning and teaching practises at school. When dealing with children from multicultural environments I integrate new ways of understanding language and communication throughout visual arts and other disciplines. I prefer learning from others; I prefer learning from new experiences. That’s why I take this forum as a gift and also as a challenge.

Jan Staes


I work as a dramaturg for several youth and theatre companies in Flemish theatre. I am currently an intendant for education, youth and culture for the City of Antwerp, Belgium, a pedagogue at the Royal Conservatory in Antwerp and a lecturer in art mediation at Karel de Grote University College. 

Åsa Johansson


I have worked as a creative producer and project manager for many years in Drömmarnas Hus (The House of Dreams) in Malmoe, Sweden. During the last years I have been responsible for developing new ways to work with creativity, sustainability and outdoor learning with children. Adventure-based learning, teambuilding programs and urban city gardening are some of my main projects at the present.

Lisa Petri


Lisa Petri is working as a creative outdoor-educator in The House of Dreams in Sweden. The House of Dreams is a cultural center for children between 7 and 20. As an outdoor educator Lisa has been working to establish a strong connection between nature and culture, mainly by being part of the production of 4 adventures. The adventure in its form is both strong in its theatrical expression, in its pedagogic line and as a way to practice outdoor activity. It combines them in a brilliant way that makes nature, knowledge and theatre accessible for children that might not normally visit either the forest or the theatre.

Randi Liliequist


I was born in Norway to a Norwegian father and mother of Swedish and German heritage. I am a textile artist educated at Oslo National Academy of the Arts.  I have previously worked with theatre costumes and backstage at theatres. As an artist I print wall textiles, give form to objects and work with installations. My art is visual stories which have a rhythmic and musical expression. I am not a teacher, but I have worked as an artist with kids, youth, disadvantaged kids and psychiatric patients since the nineties.  I have had many workshops and curated contemporary arts exhibitions in diverse settings. I find excitement in mediating others’ art as my own.

Samantha Holdsworth


Passionate about the potential for the arts as a catalyst for social change I have spent the last twelve years working creatively with young people, teachers and the community. In 2006, I co-founded Nimble Fish in order to develop innovate and high quality creative events for communities that have little or no experience of the arts. 

In 2011, I founded Clowns Without Borders. The inaugural tour was in 2012 to Lithuania brining laughter and clowns to twelve hospitals, orphanages and refugee centres.

I am currently exploring the uses of playfulness and humour in formal settings, e.g. hospitals, religious ceremonies and care homes for elders.

Creative practitioners:

Sammy Ben Yakoub


Hai-Chay Jiang


My first job in the cultural sector was at Bronks, a youth theatre company. I took care of the realisation of the theatre productions and framed and presented the performances to be accessible for all types of audiences. At ABC (Art Basics for Children) I looked for ways to discuss art with children. At Passa Porta, an international house of literature, I worked at making literature accessible for people with disabilities and coordinating writing masterclasses.

Now I am the coordinator of Artforum. We want to be the mediator between artist and child, to create the possibility for the artists to share their passions and skills with our goal audience, so that they are inspired, moved and able to develop their own cultural identities. We provide children with the chance to discover art, become more proficient and create their own art.

Anja Geuns


My name is Anja Geuns. From 2001 I’ve been Head of the educational department of HETPALEIS, a theatre for children and youngsters in the heart of Antwerp (Belgium). After studying German literature and theatre at the University of Leuven (Belgium) I started teaching at the High school of Don Bosco, Hechtel. From 1993 till 2001 I worked in De Warande, Turnhout. There I was responsible for the educational department. Projects with artists like Enrique Vargas, José Portillio and others as well as the fact that we work a lot with children with different social and cultural backgrounds and different native languages inspired me by developing a new way of art education for children and students: De Tuin. The main building stones of this project are the five senses, play, structure, time, taking risks, motivation and working together as a team.

Tijl Bossuyt


I am Director of  De Veerman (The Ferryman, It is an arts education organisation that wants to stimulate creativity, art experience, knowledge and insight into the arts; this in relation to the world around us.
The Ferryman: develops and/or coordinates arts educational programmes; provides training for artists, art educators and teachers; publishes books, articles and dvds on the theory and practice of the arts education; counsels to city councils, art institutes, schools...
The organisation is funded by the Flemish Government. Its activities are present in Flanders, Brussels, and also within an international context. The Ferryman works with children, youngsters and adults on dance, theatre, music, media, creative writing and visual arts.

Ruth Cluysen


I'm the coordinator of Magda, the cultural education network for the province of Vlaams-Brabant. Magda has two goals:

Firstly, to make practitioners of youth, cultural and educational organisations connect in order to share information and learn from each other.

Secondly, to search for new insights concerning cultural education. This by means of experimental projects, induced in cooperation with external partners.

Lies Jacob



Hi! I am Lies Jacob, coordinator of Dharts, the art education service of Destelheide.

Destelheide ( is a (cultural) centre for young people located in Dworp (near Brussels) in Belgium. Groups that organise (artistic/creative) training for young people can find specific work and sleep accommodation at Destelheide.

Dharts offers services related to creative work with young people. Our main objective is to build an artistic living environment by organising exhibitions and inviting artists in residence. We also organise art educational exchange and training activities for youth leaders and teachers ( and give advice and reference.

In the future we will be focussing on international networking and we are looking for organisations to organise international exchange activities about art education for youngsters. I am hoping to meet here some interesting people and possible partners at the Forum. 

Majo de Saedeleer


I have been working in education, publishing (editor of a teenage magazine), television ( a children’s program) and theatre (communication officer at a major theatre for children and youngsters).  Presently I am the director of Stichting Lezen, a reading promotion organisation. The constant focus in my work has been on children and art. My passion lies within (children’s) literature.

Oliva Moors


For many years I have worked in education and as a freelance interpreter in Belgium. With colleagues we have developed the arts education project Listening Eyes (Luisterogen in Dutch), an innovative visual approach to literacy education through art, for use outside and inside classrooms. It is aimed at those without easy access to cultural knowledge, perhaps because of limited language competence, economic situation or migration status. Students using Listening Eyes work with their teachers alongside diverse artists. The approach has been – and continues to be – developed in collaboration with museums, libraries and mental health organisations in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Currently I coordinate Listening Eyes and keep abreast of the latest developments in art education.

Peter Bary


I am working at an audience development agency in Belgium ( with a keen interest in promoting cultural participation of children. Although we focus on marketing and communications (don’t hesitate to have a look at our family website!), we are fully aware that our marketing efforts are more or less pointless if not accompanied by in-depth educational initiatives. In addition, I am intensely involved in a new grass-roots network called Vitamine C. We like to think of Vitamine C ( as a cross-sectoral grid of organizations, institutions and individuals who stand up for art and culture as vital vitamins for children and youngsters.

Each year I’m trying to attend one or two international forums with one clear objective in mind: making sure that I am getting enough “vital vitamins” myself.

Tom Goris


Since 2000, I have coordinated MUS-E Belgium, an art organisation, member of the network of the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation.

MUS-E Belgium organise the MUS-E Arts at School, initiated by Yehudi Menuhin. It aims to help children – often coming from challenging environments to begin the long road to personal fulfilment through the arts music, dance, singing, drama and visual arts… Artistic workshops are given by professional artists on a regular basis, mainly in primary schools. The artists of MUS-E introduce new ways of thinking and creating, to stimulate children’s harmonious development. The project promotes social integration.

Kristien Druyts


As a secondary-school teacher of Dutch and cultural education, it has been 4 years now that I have the privilege of being posted from the classroom to CANON Cultuurcel. CANON is the Cultural Unit of the Flemish Ministry of Education dealing with cultural education. It is a bridge between the field of education on one hand, and the field of arts and culture on the other.

My two colleagues and I are the force behind the “dynamo”: a (subsidy) programme that combines the development of a vision on arts and cultural education within a school  and funding for creative school projects.

Trond Morten Kristensen Venaasen


Screenwriter from the Norwegian Film School. Written 2 animated series for children, 1 short-series, and co-writer on a feature film. Co-writer for 30-episode youth crime-series in development/production. In pre-production with an international feature-film. Been working with transmedia projects since 2006, and attended competitions at Cannes 360content, Cross Video Days and BAFTA. I have also various script/story-development classes for children (6-18 years) in and outside schools. One of the classes is a three-year script talent-course (14-18 years). I have worked as a writer and a director for amateur theatre both in school and on a private basis.

Paal Brekke Indregard


School was a chapter in life I´d rather forget; I could not wait to get out in the real world, far away from authorities! After school I attended the university of Oslo studying philosophy, history and lingvistics. I financed my studies playing piano in different bands while working as a screenwriter for a television network writing soap operas. Eventually I changed path, deciding to spend my life working with children. Initially I worked with autistic youth and children with downs syndrome, but after a few years I started working in kintergarten. Soon I was introduced for philosophical enquiries with children, and attended schooling at Oslo School of Higher Education. The last several years I´ve been practicing as a facilitator for philosophical enquiries in Norwegian schools and kintergartens, recently supplied with studies in pre-school pedagogy. I love my work, and have never regretted devoting my professional life to children.

Jørn Fernando Garmanslund


Katarína Kalivodová

Czech Republic

I studied at the Academy of Arts (Slovakia) at the Faculty of Dramatic arts, where I continued as a pedagogue of voice technique after graduating. I was also teaching movement and voice technique at Private Conservatory in Martin. I was leading several workshops in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Athens focused on body expresion and relation of body of performance to partner and space. During my professional career I cooperated as a performer with a lot of Slovak and international theaters and groups (Theater Kontra, Puppet Theater Žilina, Stella Polaris, Continuo Theater...). In 2009 I commenced my PhD study at Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. The topic of my research was “Folk song” as a resort of contemporary theatre. At present I am living in Prague and cooperating with dance theater as a performer.

Veronika Selingerová

Czech Republic

I studied at the Academy of Applied Arts and Design in Bratislava (Slovakia) and also at Department of Education at Palacky University (Czech Republic).  I work as a professor assistant at this university and I focus on teaching ceramics, practically and theoretically.

I am one of the organizers of the ceramics symposium “Fenomen Gemer”, which is organized for young people with artistic souls.

At the forum I would like to meet colleagues of the same field and would like to get to know their ways of teaching and so on.

Nicola Richardson


Over the last 13 years I have developed my practice beyond my Visual Arts specialism and work more strategically with SLT’s and teachers to develop creative approaches to all aspects of teaching and learning. I am a Director of Changing Cultures – a company of five passionate professionals working as effective facilitators; action-driven educationalists; eagle-eyed analysts; innovative cultural strategists and razor-sharp arts specialists.

Nikky Smedley


I believe in the ability of children to use their own creativity to expand their learning. I am  Communications Director of Changing Cultures –  a company of five passionate professionals working as effective facilitators; action-driven educationalists; eagle-eyed analysts; innovative cultural strategists and razor-sharp arts specialists.

Susanna Martin


I am a creative soul who’s working on unifying my passion for music with my other passion for social development and positive change. I’m an intern at the Malmö-based NGO Spiritus Mundi, with projects where music is used as a tool for strengthening the self-esteem and self-knowledge of children and consequently the societies. I’m conducting a choir for women singing for women’s equal right to take place in the cultural life as composers, artists, musicians... I also work for Popkollo, an organization that carries out camps for girls who want to develop their musical skills and self-esteem in the male-dominated music scene and society.

At the forum I look forward to getting inspired and challenged! I look forward to meeting a lot of interesting people with, for me, new ways of thinking and doing!

Victor Frederik

The Netherlands

Professional experience in the past: teacher at a primary school; reviewer of books for children; critic of theatre for children; producer of a radio programme about art for children; editor for a school television programme for young children; developer of art projects for schools; drama teacher at a teachers training academy

Present: teacher at the Utrecht School of Arts for de BIK (Professional Artists in the Classroom); freelance developer of art projects for school for several museums; artistic director of Kleine Kunsten foundation; artistic and financial director of KunstBIKken foundation; bass player at Mannen van Hee, a band for children; programmer for school projects for the Oerol festival at Terschelling; stage manager, actor and story teller in several plays for children.

Anton Klein

The Netherlands

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” This statement is one of the driving forces behind my practice as an artist in creative education. I work as a dedicated graphic designer with love for the areas of mapping, visual arts, typography and animation. Arising from that profession, I started working with children after attending a postgraduate course for Professional Artist-Educators. Ever since I endeavour to inspire children and young people to unlock their creativity through educational art concepts, ranging from workshops and project-based art programs to adventures as an artist in residence.

Martynas Sučyla


Lina Rapalavičiūtė


Kristina Jakubauskaitė Veršelienė


Rokas Leonavičius


I have been studying the non-violent conflict resolving martial art of Aikido for the last 10 years, spending 2,5 years in Switzerland in an open spiritual community. In 2012 I‘ve opened the first aikido, yoga and meditation community in Lithuania where we offer a special program for children aged 4-7 and 7-14 years. They are taught creative ways to solving conflict and crisis and encouraged to develop as a full individual.

I am engaged in Creative Partnerships Lithuania as a Creative Agent, working in a small school. I'm strongly focusing on the younger generation which will take over our place eventually and also the educational system which they spend a lot of time in.

I am hoping to further improve my skills and knowledge in the Forum by attending different sessions and gathering inspiration from other creative members.

Vida Narveišytė


My education as a drama theatre director because it provided me with knowledge to establish and run a family puppet theatre. Alongside, I have worked with children and found ways to combine these two fields. I am interested in finding ways to spark up creativity in young people. I believe that if we share all of our creativity with children, we will see these nice creatures bloom like flowers. 

I would like to hear and learn about different methods so I could create my own techniques, by combining my drama education with other different ways. With the gained new knowledge, hopefully, I would continuously see the moment I admire the most - children or young adults awake to create, become inspired, find something inside that was there all along, but never discovered.

Elena Sakalauskaitė


My life in school meant strong discipline, control, humiliation, orders… Every manifestation of creativity there was erased fiercely. Despite that, I have grown to become a visual artist, a cultural manager, an event organizer. And I worked with kids and youth as well in various art workshops, art camps, etc. To my surprise, some kids are still taught at school in the same prison-like manner, therefore I’m really happy to participate in Creative Partnerships program and to be able to do something about it. I’m so delighted to take part in the Forum, as I hope to exchange experience with practitioners from other countries, to find out what problems are just local, and what problems are typical to school in general, to meet new people, to make contacts.

Jotvilas Švirinas


Jurgita Žvinklytė


I studied Ceramics (BA) and Sculpture (MA) at Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts. During my studies I was strongly interesting in dance theater and modern dance, led by famous Lithuanian dancer Loreta Juodkaitė. Her energy for work gave me one of strong impulses in my life and further artistic practice. I’m also interested in Chinese tea tradition, poetry readings and creating simple musical instruments, which I use when working with children.

Now I work in a school as an event coordinator. I used to teach ceramics or performance art.  In Creative Partnerships I work as a creative agent.

I hope to get some experience, methods, ideas which will help me to create more ideas and more creative experience in working with children.

Dalius Dirsė


Lina Užkuraitytė


Miglė Šalnaitė


In 1998 I graduated from Vilnius Gediminas technical university with MA degree in Urban Planning. I work as an architect and interior designer in Vilnius. I am happy to be able join Creative Partnerhships as a creative practitioner, as I see that this has a big meaning. Except for CP activities, I was conducting creative workshops and camps. In this forum I hope to gain new experience, knowledge and to share information on creative learning and training with other practitioners.

Dovilas Serapinas


Radvilė Varanavičiūtė


I am a fresh starter in the education field. I have been a creative agent in Creative Partnerships in a school and so far find this role very intriguing – extremely challenging and very much rewarding.  Revealing to the children and teachers their capacity to do ‘impossible’, showing them their unlimited creativity and little by little letting constraints fade is the greatest thing.

Participating in educational settings requires constant review of your own abilities and disadvantages, challenging yourself to never-ending change and its application.

Therefore, this forum is a wonderful opportunity to exchange experiences and gain knowledge, grow, deepen understanding of working at schools with teachers and children.

Jelena Tamulienė


Simonas Saarmann


I am a PhD student in Geology at Vilnius University, and I believe that the one who is very good at sciences usually has some competence in music, history, theatre, literature or some other subject, which helps him to find new insights or traits for more holistic view of things in his direct research. While working in Creative Partnerships projects at schools I found hat all the best qualities of my personality are those that remained at the same level like when I was a kid.

Jonas Danielevičius


Arūnas Eimulis


Egidijus Kabošis


In Creative Partnerships I was interested in possible connections between different worlds students, teachers, schools, creativity, practice, society, you, me. I started in theater, acting, script-writing, later worked with events, projects, sustainable development projects, and now my life is photography. I could not pass through this project.

Julija Ladygienė


I was lucky. I met a few teachers who believed in me, who showed me the path yet let me walk my walk; showed me my strengths, so I could develop them, and my weaknesses, so I could work on them.

I was lucky. I had a chance to work as a teacher for half a year and had a time of discoveries to make, difficulties to overcome, convictions to leave behind and believes to hold on to.

I was lucky. I was given the role of a creative agent: the chance to change the world and the chance to work my socks off.

I am lucky to be barefooted and to be here.

Lina Pavalkytė


Laurita Peleniūtė


Sandra Navickaitė


I finished studies of sociology and was interested especially in sociology of education and researches. It's been 10 years that I have been very much involved in non-formal education field. I am running and organizing various activities based on non-formal education principles and values that I believe in very much. I am working for Centre for Creative Expression that aims to educate critical thinking, creative and active young people.

It is my second year of being a creative agent at Creative Partnership program in Lithuania. This year I am also making a group research of innovation in schools participating in Creative Partnerships.

Aurelija Slapikaitė-Jurkonė


I have been involved in Creative Partnerships for two years. This year I was working with architects in a lot of different workshops and creating an individual workshop with disabled people. All workshops have different thesis. We create performances, sculptures, chairs from cardboard paper and installations in public spaces. I am a participant of Open City Archikids festival in London, there I will explore thesis connected with humans and surroundings. I will participate in Traveling Architectural Workshops in sixteen villages of Lithuania.  Also I am a member of architectural children's fund organization.

At this forum I want to expand my knowledge of working with children in different countries and also I want to find out new techniques in this type of activity.

Eglė Nedzinskaitė


Eglė Mikalajūnė


Christina Biundo


Katrin Goedeke


My workplace is an old villa at a lake near Berlin. We work with young adults in the field of civic and cultural education. They spend 7-10 days in our house and work in small workshop groups on a certain topic through the arts. I am implementing and facilitating the projects and conducting theatre workshops. We work with artists and media experts from various fields. Through our projects participants can explore a social, environmental or political issue focusing on their interests and using the arts to express their questions, ideas, emotions and knowledge. Our setting with overnight stays, workshops and free-time activities makes each project a wholesome experience and fosters intercultural learning, communication and participation.

Christine Bargstedt


In 2008, I founded the Projektschneiderei agency, in which we create arts education projects for children and youths with a focus on cultural and artistic processes and performing arts . In 2010, I realised an international youth symposium with youth delegates from 35 countries discussing the role of arts education in their school systems and presenting the results in the international symposium Arts for Education!. In 2011/12, I was responsible for concept and realisation of an international Youth Culture Camp. 100 young people from six countrires were part of a two-week artistic process in a camp city.

My competence is to combine a pedagogic background with creative and artistic methods. My interest is to share experience, search for inspiration and learn from other practitioners.

Ia Pellinen


I graduated as a Cultural producer in 2007 and have worked in various independent associations as a producer-spokesman. I also have experience in youth work supervising. In the City of Helsinki Cultural Office (Stoa) I started as an art education producer in January 2011. Stoa is located in the suburbs of East Helsinki, where the average socio-economic status is lower than elsewhere in Helsinki in general. I have been working actively so that young people have more low-threshold activities. For me, it is also important that young people are actually designing and producing activities, not only end users.

I look forward to the Forum in particular to get tools on how to involve young people more and so that they are able to produce their own events.

ICEnet partners and Creative Partnerships Lithuania team:

Paul Collard


I am the Chief Executive of Creativity, Culture & Education (CCE), an international NGO which works to unlock and enhance the creativity of children and young people. CCE was established in 2002 to deliver the Creative Partnerships programme in England and by 2011 was working with 2500 schools and almost 1 million young people each year. CCE now supports programmes modelled on Creative Partnerships in Germany, Norway and Lithuania and during the last year has provided training to teachers and artists in 16 other countries including Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Pakistan, Palestine, and Sweden. In 2011 CCE was given the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) award for its outstanding contribution to innovation in education.

Di Fisher-Naylor


I work at CCE as Director of Programme Development and have been fortunate to have been involved in supporting the creation of ICEnet along with some brilliant partners from across Europe.  So for me, coming to Vilnius for the Forum is an important moment which will not only celebrate our journey so far but also help us to cement a new community of creative people all interested in this important work. I am looking forward to reconnecting with people I know but also meeting new people and learning from them and their practice.

I also hope to be able to share my experiences of designing, implementing and supporting the quality assurance of creative education programmes both in UK (where I was Director of Schools, leading on the delivery of the Creative Partnerships programme in 2,500 schools each year) and internationally.

Radka Jágriková


I work as a Projects Assistant at CCE and I am supporting the ICEnet project, including organisation of the Forum and development of the ICEnet online platform.

I am a graduate of Journalism (Slovakia) and of Media Culture (the Netherlands) and I have always had deep interest in arts and culture as well as education. I also have hands-on experience in several art forms, with creative practice developed mainly in literature and music, and have been a private tutor of music or languages for children.

I believe attending the Forum will enable me to meet like-minded people with inspiring practice, broaden my horizons and share my international experience.

Piet Forger


I am the founder and coordinator of Vitamine C. It is a network in Flanders (Belgium) of people working in the broad cultural field, both in practice and in policy, who stand up for art and culture as vital vitamins for children and youngsters.

I am also the coordinator of Vlabra’ccent, the umbrella organization of almost 50 cultural centers in the province of Flemish Brabant; a member of the National Cultural Advisory Body for the Minister of culture in Flanders about cultural legislation, including cultural education. I am engaged in several organizations working with and for young people: as the president of, the honorary president of, member of the board of and of

I have had the privilege of helping ICEnet to start up and I am very much looking forward to meet you all in Vilnius and to see this great new network coming up and running!

Eefje Raets


I work as a staff employee for Vitamine C (, a Flemish network which unites people with the same passion for arts, children and youngsters. Vitamine C had its kick off in 2011 and already in 2012 it received the Prize from the Minister for Culture in Flanders for Cultural Education. Our main goals are to exchange good practices and expertise and to facilitate contact between our members. As a founding member of ICE-net, Vitamine C strongly believes in the necessity of widening up your horizon and learning from others across any borders. I am currently finalising my teachers’ degree. Consequently I am both interested in creative practices and art education in leisure time and within the curriculum.

Theo Van Adrichem

the Netherlands

Working for the Dutch organisation Cultuur-Ondernemen (culture and entrepreneurship), I advise artists and cultural organisations about entrepreneurship. Part of my work is developing new workfields for artists. About 10 years ago I coordinated the development of a one year training course for professional artists called BIK (professional artists in elementary schools). On this successful training course artists from all disciplines learnt how to translate their artistic competences into projects for children in elementary schools. A few Years ago I was one of the partners in the project Artists in Creative Education and now one of the partners in ICEnet. I sincerely hope this first Forum will be an inspiring kick-off and a fantastic opportunity to meet, exchange and have fun.

Szilvia Nemeth


I graduated as a sociologist and in 2002 I received an MPhil in Education at the University of Cambridge, UK. After that I began to work for the National Institute for Public Education in Budapest. Since 2008 I have been working as a researcher for T-Tudok Centre for Knowledge Management and Educational Research Inc. My field of research is equity in education and access to quality education for Roma, socially disadvantaged, immigrants and of pupils with special educational needs. Between 2007 and 2009 I was working as an education expert in the Cluster on Access and Social Inclusion in Lifelong Learning at the European Commission, DG Education and Culture.

Irena Sertic


I graduated from University of Zagreb, Social Pedagogy Studies. As a curator and a project manager for community-based project and a nationwide collaborative initiative of establishing first children’s museum in Croatia, I developed a museological and pedagogical concept and setup design for numerous exhibitions and projects for informal learning. I have also commenced program of creative workshops for vocational development and training for staff working in cultural, educational and business organizations. I worked as a head of elementary school; wrote several children’s books, essays and research articles. Currently I am the president of Interacta, Association for Production and Interaction in Culture and Education.

Kaisa Kettunen


I have worked as the Director of Annantalo Arts Center for children and youth since October, 2012. Before Annantalo I worked in the field of Museum Education at Helsinki Art Museum, as Educational Curator (2003-2009) responsible for developing and running the workshops and as the Head of Education Department (2009-2012). Prior to that I worked as an Art Educator in the Finnish National Gallery and as an Art Teacher in several schools from primary school to adult education. I got my M.A. degree in 1994 in art education from The University of Art and Design in Helsinki (currently Aalto University).

Vivian Haverstadløkken


I work as an adviser for cultural affairs at Oppland county municipality in Norway, an ICEnet partner. I am currently the project manager for a pilot of Creative Partnerships in the secondary high schools in our region, where we work closely with CCE. I also work with the Cultural Rucksack where its objectives are to enable children and young people in primary and secondary school to enjoy artistic and cultural productions provided by professionals, and to facilitate the pupils’ access to a wide range of cultural expressions, and finally to assist schools in integrating different forms of cultural expression with their own efforts to attain learning goals. I look forward to meeting all the other partners and the creative practitioners in Vilnius. 

Terje Kongsrud


I work as an adviser for cultural affairs at Oppland county municipality in Norway. The administrative centre is the city of Lillehammer. For the meeting in Vilnius I will mainly be of assistance for the professional artists representing our region. Additionally I look forward to getting to know the representatives in the network, as I will be active in a future Leonardo da Vinci programme with the same partners – if our project is accepted by the programme.

Monika Granja

Czech Republic

I am representing the Committee of Good Will – The Olga Havel Foundation, whose mission is to support the integration of people with social or health disability. We have carried out projects supporting creativity of students with disabilities, together with the Association for Creativity in Education, we have implemented several projects on the creativity of children and young people in leisure activities. As yet we have implemented short-term projects, I'm interested in long-term work with children in supporting their creativity within the mainstream education system reflecting the specific problems of handicapped groups.

Silvia Petrosino


I graduated in History of Philosophy at Rome University La Sapienza and I have a qualification in European Policies. I am now a senior expert in EU programmes. Since 2003 I have provided technical assistance on EU funded projects for the Municipality of Rome. From 2009 in Zètema (the municipal company for culture) I am responsible for the EU office. The most recent EU projects I have managed are: ActivArt - Artistic workshops to develop the creativity of European pupils; Folk Music in MusEUms - Young musicians and old instruments; and Folk Music in MusEUms - Young musicians and old stories. I work with energy and dedication within cooperation projects in the field of education, social inclusion, music, museums and cultural spaces and alternative cultural itineraries.

Goda Giedraityte


I am a visual art historian and critic as well as professional cultural manager. For more than 10 years I have been working as a project manager of the artists' group Fish Eye and a producer of the annual International Festival of Contemporary Arts “Plartforma”. Besides I give lectures at Klaipeda Faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts and at Arts Faculty of Klaipeda University. I am a member of Lithuanian Artists' Association and author of more than 100 art critic reviews.

This year I have joined the family of Creative Partnerships and although I am still learning about me in the context of school education, I totally believe in need and success of this project.

Milda Laužikaitė


For the last few years my major call and activity has been developing and running the Creative Partnerships programme in Lithuania. I felt “called” to make Creative Partnerships happen in my country because this programme, I believe, is capable of triggering change that our societies urgently need these days. I believe artists and other creative practitioners have lots to offer to the society and thus for me it is inspiring to work trying to create the space for this potential to unlock and make real impact. My academic and practical work has developed in the areas where culture, creativity, education and society meet and interact. Previously I had been a coordinator of EU Culture programme in Lithuania, I also had been developing film education programmes for schools. I am an author of texts on cultural policy and political aspects of art and recently I have started teaching Cultural Policy in Vilnius Academy of Art.

Daiva Pukėnaitė


I studied political sciences and public administration. I have work experience in the field of foreign policy and public administration, organizing high-level international events and coordinating diplomats training programs, managing internal communication processes.

I love interesting and creative people, and I enjoy being a part of the initiative and active Creative Partnerships Lithuania team. A great believer that we all come together to create what will become of good innovative educational practice.

Sports and photography are my best leisure.

Milda Kasperavičiūtė


I graduated from Vilnius Academy of Art. I used to work as a primary school teacher a few years ago and now working in Creative Partnerships Lithuania.

I was always questioning the fundamental purpose of attending school because many things, such as freedom, creative space, and even opportunity to ask questions, were missing for me. I’ve learned that the most important thing for me is ability to create and be creative, so I have to learn this now. I think that the Creative Partnerships Lithuania programme is the way to change the school and to give much more opportunities to our youngsters now to find things they like and to express themselves.

Agne Norkute


I am part of the Creative Partnerships Lithuania team, mainly working with supporting creative professionals to work successfully in schools. My working experience also includes coordinating EU Culture programme, working in public relations agency and delivering workshops for students and cultural operators on ideas development and cultural organizations marketing strategies. I am very excited to be part of this meeting, open to learn and share.

Domas Burkauskas


I graduated as a journalist and spent 10 years in various Lithuanian TV channels. Two years ago I joined the Creative Partnerships team in Lithuania and now I'm working in different schools with various age groups all over Lithuania as a Creative Agent and a Creative Practitioner.

Ieva Gircyte


Art accompanied me from my very childhood. I dreamt of becoming a piano player, then an opera singer… Finally, all this remained a hobby, and I became… a psychologist. 

Quite unexpectedly I started working in the sports area. An especially valuable experience was my chance to participate in the „Olympic kitchen” and to work with the athletes of the highest level.

In 2009 I took my maternity leave. At that time the search for myself continued.  That is why I had no doubts when asked to join the team of the Creative Partnerships Lithuania project as a Research Group Coordinator. I am very pleased to have made this choice. It’s quite a challenge to be a part of innovation, but a real pleasure to see it working and changing the people!

Dalia Balčiūnė


I am working in the Creative Partnerships Lithuania program, responsible for internal communication and public relations.

I came to education field from the international business environment. I worked mainly in the fields of marketing and communication – with digital projects, as well as food industry, retail trade, agriculture, university. I learned a lot and I intend to continue learning.

I am always for the cultural experience.

Vilija Navickaitė


Studying political science and then journalism and working in private business made me understand what type of job I do not want to do… Traveling around the world made me reflect on the paths of life I want to take. The things I like and want to do I found in Creative Partnerships – uniting the possibility to analyse, create, think and reflect gives double benefit – my personal growth and the input for the future generations, which I strongly believe makes my work and existence meaningful. I really feel exited to take part in the forum and I hope that my input will be useful for the others. Hope to have an excellent experience by participating, meeting new people, sharing ideas and thoughts.

Agne Biliunaite


I am a culture manager and a culture journalist currently working in Creative Partnerships as Head of Creative Practitioners. Recently I have been interested in performing arts critics and I write revues in my blog Previously I worked in producers’ team in Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre. My Bachelor studies were in Asian studies, so sometimes I remember my passion for Far East philosophy and arts. I hope to meet lots of interesting people and have a great time in ICEnet.

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