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Summer is here, but even more importantly, we have great news and we want to share them with you. After two years of hard work, a group of partner organisations within ICEnet finished their work on a project Training Requirements and Key Skills for Artists and creative practitioners to work in participatory settings (TRaKSforA). We are therefore very proud to present its main outcome…

Self-Assessment Competency Framework for Creative Practitioners who work in educational settings to develop the creativity of children (SACF)

Whether you are an experienced creative practitioners or an artist thinking of starting working in this way, or even their collaborator or training provider, we hope that this document will become a great resource for you. The document is designed as an interactive pdf which can be used either in electronic or in printed form, and next to the chance to look at a set of desirable competencies and related behaviours and assess these, you will also find advice and practical tips for developing each of the behaviours. Sounds intriguing? Check it out here, use it, talk about it and share it! The page also includes background information on the project and the partnership.

The framework is complemented by another outcome of the project:

Case studies exploring the competencies of artists and creative practitioners who work in participatory settings to develop the creativity of children and young people

This is a collection of individual case studies illustrating the competencies identified and highlighting them in practice across Europe. You can view and download it on the same page.

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You can ask questions and share your feedback or suggestions with us on ICEnet@cceengland.org.

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