Not only did students in Bermuda inherit a beautiful island, but they also posses a rich cultural heritage along with interesting history. Educational material "Bermuda Connection - Cultural Resource Guide" was published as a “toolkit” for student exploration of the cultural identity and heritage of Bermuda. The kit was originally developed and tested by a team of Smithsonian and Bermudian researchers and educators, and distributed to every classroom in Bermuda. This series of educational materials that can be found online offers teachers plenty of easily applicable chapters with rich insights into Bermuda’s fascinating history to students of all ages.

Because of its practical and clear descriptions of various aspects of Bermudan culture in each chapter, this material could also be applied for students all over the world- as a tool for teaching children about richness of other cultures and the diversity, as well as strengthening students' understanding for foreign cultures and tolerance (especially in environment where there is a lack of multiculturalism).

Why not learn about Bermudan culture even if you are far, far away? 

To download "Bermuda connection", visit following web sites:

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