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Airan Berg and ARTopia in Brussels

About ARTopia

Because of society’s rapid change and its increasing complexity, world is changing faster and faster. Considering that, how should education for all children be tailored, in order to benefit their development in the best possible way?…


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2014 Family Arts Festival: Submissions are open

The Family Arts Festival website is now open for submissions ready for the launch of the 2014 Festival in June. Family Arts Festival invites visual and performing arts organisations working anywhere in the UK to apply from today on for becoming part of…


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"Kids4Kids" 2013 Writing Competition

The book with the 6 winning stories from Kids4Kids' 2013 writing competition has been published at the end of last year. The Kids4Kids is a project in Hong Kong which encourages children's creativity through literature. It is part of 6th annual Writing for a Cause Competition 2013 which ended with great success. Last year, for first time ever, an open-category was launched and 120 school-aged children have…


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Empowering the Future

"Empowering the Future", shortly E-TFU, is a network of social agencies and universities of four European cities: Amsterdam, Antwerp, Barcelona and Berlin. What is common for all partners is the idea of promoting the ‘strength perspective’ in working with…


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Launch of English Version of Flemish "Dancing Dances" Website

"Dansen Dansen" (www.dansendansen.be) is a Flemish website that intends to inspire, excite and motivate dance teachers to experiment with dance and young people in different contexts (culture and education). English version of this website is soon to be launched. The launch of "Dancing dances" will be held on 2nd of March at …


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Lecture on Visual Arts Education Held in Brussels

On the 9th of December professor Lois Hetland held the lecture “The Benefits and Future of Visual Arts Education” in Bozar in Brussels. Prof. Lois Hetland is one of the leading experts worldwide in the field of art education, so it was no surprise that the great hall in Bozar was filled with professionals (as well as students- future professionals) from the same…


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Bermuda's Cultural Resource Guide

Not only did students in Bermuda inherit a beautiful island, but they also posses a rich cultural heritage along with interesting history. Educational material "Bermuda Connection - Cultural Resource Guide" was published as a “toolkit” for student exploration of the cultural identity and…


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A successful pedagogical project in Kulturfabrik (Luxemburg)

Kulturfabrik, the Cultural Centre located at the heart of the Great Region in the south of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, in Esch-sur-Alzette, provided the children from French schools with the opportunity to get an insight in cultural work as well as to see all the efforts that are…


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The new EYFS teaching resources making a difference

Earlyarts is unveiling a new range of creative EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) teaching resources that are underpinned by scientific and pedagogical research and evidence.  …


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NYU's New M.A. Programme in Art, Education and Community Practice

The Department of Art and Art Professions at Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development, New York University announced new 34-crdit MA programme in Art, Education and Community Practice. This innovative MA programme joins two existing MA programmes in Art Education.…


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CALL FOR PAPERS “TYA and Perceptions of the Contemporary Child”

ITYARN, the International Theatre for Young Audiences Research Network is calling for proposals for the Third International Theatre for Young Audiences Research Forum at the 18th ASSITEJ World Congress in Warsaw May 24, 2014.

The overall theme of the congress and festival is "Facing the…


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Ensure Creativity remains a UNESCO priority!

It has been widely recognized that creativity is the vital ingredient that needs to be cultivated if we are all to survive and flourish in this 21st Century. 

“Creativity now is as important in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status” says noted educationalist, Ken Robinson. One of the best ways to…


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Artistic skills for Unemployed Young People in Mozambique

Paulino Ricardo © Mozambique National Commission for UNESCO

In the exhibition hall in Mozambique’s capital, Maputo, 85 young Mozambicans presented the fruits of their newly gained creative skills. They have gained their skills through a nation-wide project that was brought out…


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