TRaKSforA partnership meeting Lillehammer

Leonardo partnership project “Training Requirements and Key Skills for Artists and other creative practitioners to work in participatory settings“ (TRaKSforA) is a collaboration of partners from eight countries – UK, Czech Republic, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Belgium and Croatia – along with other organisation supporting the project work. The main goal is to develop a Self-Assessment Competency Framework (SACF) for use by artists and other creative professionals working in participatory settings (such as schools, hospitals, community centres, youth centres, cultural houses, etc.). 

The latest meeting took place in Lillehammer, Norway, and was hosted by Oppland fylkeskommune (Oppland County Council). Please find a selection of photos from the meeting and the accompanying activities below.

More information on the meeting (in Norwegian) and related videos (in English) can be found here.

*All photos were taken by Vivian Haverstadlokken of Oppland fylkeskommune. 

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