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After a month – Forum Vilnius 2013

It’s been a month now since the International Creative Practitioners Forum participants returned from Vilnius to their homes all over Europe. What was the month like? At what occasion did you get a chance to use something particular that you’d learnt at the Forum? Did something make you recall particular people/events/discussions from the Forum? Have you stayed in touch with people you had met there? Any interesting collaborations emerging?


Let us know how your life and work…


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We need to make artists in every profession

I recently discovered an intriguing quote:

"We need to make Artists in every profession."

Jody Giles, CIO of Under Armour, Inc.

Source: Education Closet, How Creativity Changes the Game

I like how this fits my belief that creative thinking, originality, playfulness, openness to unconventional ideas and…


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International Creative Practitioners Forum – reflection board

Some of you taking part in the event in Vilnius on 22–24 May 2013 might have missed our nice colourful reflection board situated in the Open Space of the venue, which provided some key ideas and reflections on the Forum and mainly its workshops. Facilitators of each workshop provided the two creative minds (and four creative hands) working relentlessly until the very end of the Forum with their feedback on questions emerged, emotions triggered or discussed, major ideas/issues, structure of…


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