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Dancer, Dance Teacher, Coach, Choreographer
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My name is Nika Jankovic, I am a dance teacher, choreographer and perfomer based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In 2009 I got into a dance department at The Theaterschool in Amsterdam from which I graduated in July 2014 as a dancer/performer, dance teacher and choreographer.
I am a hard working and committed artist with a passion for dance theater.
As a practitioner of dance, I am involved in working with youngsters, bringing together different individuals with different backgrounds and wishes into a group of dancers who support and learn from each other. I have been involved in projects "Roccito", twice during 2014, with ICK in Amsterdam and Zeeland Nazomer Festival. At the moment I am also teaching in several dance studios in Amsterdam and Nieuw-Vennep. I just started gathering my professional experience and I am open to learn, individually and in multidisciplinary art collaborations.

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    Hello Nika

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